Indra Training Workshops
April 25, 2015 By admin

A. We plan to develop a training network based on the principle of dialogical education. This will involve developing a data base of artists who practise in the field and who have an interest in ongoing training and sharing in facilitation, performance, funding issues and other related skills. We will also offer training for artists who wish to explore how the aesthetic imagination can provide the key to constructive change and offer artists training in core conflict issues. These training programmes will be devised in parallel to and as an integral part of the wider Indra cycle of Congress events.

B. We are able to advise and work in partnership with agencies and organisations in the fields of reconciliation and conflict transformation that wish to employ the creative processes in which we specialise.

To achieve these objectives we can provide creative training and/or dialogue workshops in a range of settings:

higher and further education – training professionals in Equality and Diversity awareness and challenging racism

community, youth and social work – facilitating creative approaches to mediation and conflict, working with groups/gangs

with development agencies – generating confidence, self esteem and promoting the values of arts processes to help agencies achieve their objectives

industry and public services – helping people in business and public service to deal creatively with conflict in the work place, to work effectively with diversity and equality issues and to challenge racist practice at all levels.

Much applied theatre works with people who experience discrimination in various forms from racism to disability. Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed provides an example of this approach. We also recognise the importance of working with those who hold power and influence, whether in industry, education, health or the police, with the aim of challenging and opening minds to new ways of seeing.